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What are the main purpose of the electric heater
Editor:admin Time:2018-10-26 10:47

Heat treatment: all kinds of metal partial or whole quenching, annealing, tempering, diathermy;
2, thermal type: the whole parts forging, forging, hot upsetting, hot rolling;
Three, welding joint: all kinds of metal brazing welding, all kinds of cutter blade, blade serrate, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, the same dissimilar metal welding;
Four, metal melting: gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metal (vacuum), smelting, casting molding and evaporation coating;
Five, high-frequency heating machine other applications: semiconductor crystal growth, shrink fit, bottle heat sealing, toothpaste heat sealing, powder coating, metal implants plastic.
Six, heater is one of the most popular electric heating equipment in today's society, it not only has high quality, long service life. It is for the flow of liquid

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